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The FAR-B News is published each January and June and mailed to;the members to provide them with an update of activities at Beltsville and;items of interest to members of FAR-B.
FAR-B is greatly indebted to Hank Becker for gathering and editing this material.  If you have something that you think may be of interest to the members, please send it to Hank.

You can access the last few issues of the FAR-B News by clicking on the links below:

FAR-B NEWS - June 2016

FAR-B NEWS - January 2016

FAR-B NEWS - June 2015

FAR-B NEWS - January 2015

FAR-B NEWS - June 2014

FAR-B NEWS - January 2014

FAR-B NEWS - June 2013

FAR-B NEWS - January 2013

FAR-B NEWS - June 2012

FAR-B NEWS - January 2012

FAR-B News - June 2011

FAR-B News - January 2011

FAR-B News - June 2010

BARC Cenntenial 2010

FAR-B News - January 2010

FAR-B News - June 2009

FAR-B News - January 2009

FAR-B News - June 2008

FAR-B News - January 2008




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